The Other Holocaust

This link will take you to my other blog which includes the most important poetry I've written about the most horrific tragedy to ever occur in this world.  Please read.  Please share and help me spread the word about something that the news in this country is not talking about.

My dream is that this website can become viral, so that we can illuminate the dire status of baby girls around the globe.  The extermination is so successful that men are resorting to kidnapping women to hold as sex slaves, since girls are in short supply in their own countries. You would think the shortage of girls would mean they would be more valuable, but instead men now pool their money to buy a girl from a poorer village and use her like a slave.  Help me save these little girls!


Rare Poetry said...

this is amazing

Sheree Rabe said...

Sadly, it is amazing in all the wrong ways.