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Interview I did with Women Writers, Women Books

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Sheree Rabe is a poet, activist, attorney, professor, speaker, and author of the upcoming book, 100 Million Girls.

Poet on Poetry was founded by Sheree Rabe as a resource for poets and for people who love poetry! Our mission is to entertain, inspire, agitate, love and heal one poem at a time!

Sheree wrote her first novel when she was in 4th grade, carrying around a 3-inch notebook that she wrote in every chance she could for two full years.  One day she got tired of carrying it and threw it in the trash. It was probably her first best seller, but due to her 5th grader impetuousness, we'll never know. 

She married, had a daughter, and went to Texas Woman's University and the University of Texas School of Law while continuing to write books and poetry on her vacation, but her exciting legal career was a jealous mistress that allowed little time for writing. 

In 1997, her childhood sweetheart and husband died in a freak accident, her father was dying and her  house flooded. She quit her job, traveled a bit and started writing to an online support group every day.  As widows and widowers around the world, they lamented the lack of what they wanted to read in poetry, grief books or inspirational books. She began to write poems and prose online.  Despite their constant urging to publish, she resisted.

By 2006, she met the next love of her life.  She had hundreds, if not thousands of poems.  John began to read them and encouraged her to "do something with them." She was working two jobs teaching legal classes.  He helped her let go of one job in 2010 and as of January 2011,  she was able to focus on her writing in a more professional manner.  

Love is so short, the forgetting so long.

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Interview Sheree Rabe did with Women Writers, Women Books:

Article about 100 Million Girls on How Can a Poet be Unlucky?

Pablo Neruda

Disclosure:  I am selling nothing, have no ads and receive nothing for this blog except tremendous satisfaction from seeing a community of poets come together and support each other.  Someday I will write a book, but for now all I offer is what you see and I get nothing for it at all!  All expenses come out of my pocket to maintain the site, develop material and buy pretty pictures. I also get no help!  It is a one woman (very tired woman) operation!  I appreciate you supporting the site with your interest and enthusiasm.  If I make a recommendation it is because I love what I am suggesting to you not because I receive anything for it!  If anything ever changes, you will find that information here.

About You

Sheree would love to hear from you!  What would you like to see more of?  What do you like?  What struggles do you face as a poet?
Please feel free to leave comments about anything on the site here. Argue with her, agree with her, or post your own ideas! We'd love to hear from you.

To write poetry, you don't have to like it.
John Kinsella (Australian poet), Agenda, Summer 2003

People are completely justified in their fears or their antipathy toward poetry, because much of it is emotionally serious, but also emotionally miserable as well as being incomprehensible, and that's a kind of deadly combination.
Billy Collins, Planet Jackson Hole online, May 29, 2007

Too many contemporary poems start small and end smaller.  They don't bite off more than they can chew-they bite off so little they don't need to chew.                                                  
William Logan, Contemporary Poetry Review, August 2002

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What do you think about poetry?  Why do you write or read poetry?


cindy holman said...

This is so cool - I will have to submit some of my writings :)

Poet on Poetry said...

Great I hope you do, Cindy! I have a special tab for poetry by viewers called Your Poetry. Please feel free to submit yours there! Welcome to Poet on Poetry!

Peg said...

It is simply awesome how you might be traveling down one road on this amazing thing called cyberspace and travel over to another road and find yourself in wonderland....I've been writing most of my life...stories and poems, with very few publications...but the love of writing never dies...now that I've retired in Georgetown I truly have the time to write...and a cyber path led me to Poet on Poetry...coincidence? I think not. I'd love to share some of my poems

Poet on Poetry said...

Wonderful, Peg! I hope you do share your poetry with us. I am so happy you found the blog. Also, check out my facebook page for information on the Georgetown Poetry Society Festival coming up. I'll be reading on Sept. 30. You can also find it in the archives on the blog.
Welcome aboard, fellow poetry traveler!

Poet on Poetry said...

The facebook page is at http://www.facebook.com/PoetonPoetry

Ian Chris Alejo said...

Could I post my story?

So here it begins...

I started writing poetry when I was 4th Grader. If I'm not mistaken, my 1-stanza poem in one day is all about cars, vehicles something like that. I make my own, while some of my classmates copied from the poems of the the poet. It was unfair, but I still go on. When it was the day of submission my teacher said that we should make another stanza... So the others copied again, and when we passed it my teacher asked if I made it. And I answered it yes. But she replied me that it was all wrong, that it was not good, that it was very very wrong. And that day is my first poem and my first rejection.

"I possess the great mind of Shakespeare, oops actually it is Spongebob."

By the way, I haven't introduce myself.
Hello everyone! Hello people! How's going on? My name is Ian Chris C. Alejo. A College Student of Polytechnic University of the Philippines. Obviously, I'm from Philippines. I called myself as "The Poet" and my classmates know that. I am somebody who is conscious to everything. This is just what I can say. I'm not a handsome guy to love physically, I'm a handsome guy to love emotionally, affectionately, passionately or whatsoever "-ly's".

This is me! I'm a pessimistic (honestly) but I used to be a confident in some manner. Never lose confident where you can excel more. If you're good in arts, well, don't be shy to show yours. Some famous artist starts in rejections, like Lady Gaga or Tyra Banks (a supermodel). I'm not professional but I'd want to share what I learned from the philosophy of great artists. Uhm, I start rejecting by my teachers/classmates/schoolmates because I'm not good in English which is I admit. But once I study hard for it, I earn it. I'm improving. I want to show them that "Here! Look! I am now a great poet and I am good at English now! I am famous! Look at me, the boy you said to be a wrong grammar is now a great poet!" like that. (And sorry if I have a grammatical errors, uhm actually I'm practicing my grammars.) Thanks for visiting my blog! I really appreciate it! Thank you and God bless! Please subscribe my blog. Watch for more poems to come! But still sorry for the wrong grammars.

Rejections are always beside me, they never leave me alone.

awizardwithwisdom.blogspot.com or awizardwithwisdom.wordpress.com

Angela Brown said...

Thankyou for putting in such effort to advise and entertain us.
I will certainly post some of my own work here. God Bless