Twitter Etiquette for Poets

Twitter Etiquette for Poets

1.      Twitter is about reciprocity-that means you give before you get.
Don’t let the first thing from you to someone else be “Follow my blog,
Like my website, Review my book.” Give to others, retweet their tweets,  #FF them,
read their blogs and recommend them.  Get to know them before you ask them to give you something.

2.      Twitter is about establishing relationships for the long term, not just to get a like on my page. Take the time to talk to people you meet on Twitter. Follow their lives, their development as a poet or writer.  Establish connections with them about their work.

3.      Don’t tweet out poems line by line filling the Twitter stream.  There are many blogs that will gladly post your work and promote it with you.  Poet on Poetry has a tab called Your Poetry and you may post whatever you like there in the Comments and we will promote it with you.  If you are going to push you own poem, include a link to the entire poem.

4.      Write for a couple of years, at least, before you start putting it out there.  Get in a workshop and hone your poems.  Proofread and edit them carefully.  A lot of poems I see floating around Twitter are not ready for prime time. There are online workshops you can attend.

5.      Follow other poetry blogs and follow their Twitter accounts to see how they engage or promote. 

6.      Build networks of people by promoting their work, retweet their tweets, send out recommendations for people to read what they’ve posted.  The more you do that, the more likely you are to be noticed.

7.      Keep it clean.

8.      Use targeted following so you are more likely to have followers who are interested in what you are tweeting.

9.      Put up great content on your blog or in your tweet and people will come to you; you won’t have to seek them out.

10.  Make Twitter a daily thing.  Read a few tweets, send a few out and get to know others.

What suggestions do you guys have to add to this?
 Or, do you disagree with something on this list?

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broken biro said...

This is sound advice indeed! It astonishes me how many people think joining twitter is a short cut to ... I don't know what. People are people, twitter is real people like you and you wouldn't go up to a real person and just yammer on about yourself.

Poet on Poetry said...

Thank you for you comment, Broken Biro! Good point, so many on social media act like sidewalk preachers and they wouldn't do that in real life. Maybe it is not understanding how social medial works. Hopefully this article will help them understand a little more.

Karren Alenier said...

I like your message.

I like your format.

Very easy to read.

Great service!