A Poetic Moment in Time

My husband and I started our anniversary weekend early tonight, going to see one of our favorite artists, Jake Shimabukaro.  We arrived at the theater early and were waiting outside under the full moon, when we both saw a shooting star to the right of the moon. Seemed like the Gods were smiling on us. 

Once inside, I ran into several friends I hadn't seen in years.  One was eager to let me know my name had been mentioned in a class she taught at the seminary recently.  The student mentioned that she found comfort in a poem I wrote and put on the blog about the Bastrop fire called "The Things She Carried."  The student didn't know me, but knew my poetry.  My friend was so excited to hear that it
was my poetery. For a poet, it doesn't get much better than that.

There wasn't really a bad seat in the place, but John got me a seat three rows back on the middle aisle, with the ability to see every move Jake made up close and personal. Jake has been called the Hendrix of the ukulele. He is utterly amazing.  The good luck of that falling star lasted all night.

Tonight I swam in poetry, tomorrow I will write poetry.

What's been magical in your life lately?

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