Houston Poetry Fest 2011

Had a wonderful time over the weekend at the Houston Poetry Fest 2011 listening to some great poetry. It was a pleasure to meet so many talented poets. Over 800 poets submitted work to this year's competition.  Nineteen were chosen as Juried Poets.  Below are the pictures of the seven that read Saturday night and two Featured Poets. 

One poet, Charles Stone has been profiled on Poet on Poetry.  You may read his interview under Prior Poet's of the Week.  Maybe we can get some of these guys to do an interview as well.

One poet is chosen from the juried poets to return next year as a Featured Poet.  Congratulations to Cindy Huyser who will be returning next year as a Featured Poet!

Thank you to the Department of English and the Cultural Enrichment Center of the University of Houston-Downtown and the Houston Poetry Fest for sponsoring this event, as well as the volunteers, judges, steering committee, host committee, and all those who played a part.

Take a look at some great poets!

W. Joe Hoppe

Carol Louise Munn

Lyman Grant

Jill Haugen-Featured Poet

 Erica Lehrer-Featured Poet (r) and Christine (l)

 Charles A. Stone

 Sylvia Riojas Vaughn

 Cindy Huyser-Next year's Featured Poet

Sheree Rabe


Wynne said...

Wow! 800 entries--that's a lot of poems to read. Our Mississippi Poetry Society Fall festival is coming up Nov. 12. You can read about the Mid-South Poetry Festival in Memphis at

Poet on Poetry said...

Thank you, Wynne. I finally checked out your information-you've had some great achievenentd this year. Thanks for finding me.