Wouldn't It Be Nice? A Poet's Wishlist

I was just thinking about the things that would help poets who want to publish.  Let's start a list.  Please include your requests below.  I know there are some influential people out there who could help cater services to poets.  I'll start with my first request.

1. A listing of journals that print poetry with some guidance as to the type of poetry they print including a few poems. 

Journals tell us to read a few copies before we submit, but it is impossible to read every journal and you can waste a great of deal of money buying journals that are not right for your work. It is such a hit and miss for new poets. You see editors complain that they receive too many submissions that do not fit their journal.  It seems like it would be a win-win for everyone if more of this information was available to poets.  Journals would have the fabulous luxury of receiving more of the best poems for their publication and poets would save scarce money and time. 

I know there are services that will place your poems and Poet's Market gives a little of this information, but it would be nice to get a more detailed guide.

What do you wish for? Maybe, there are some people reading who can grant our wishes!

Do you wish there were more poem starters available in publications for poets?

Would you like to see more ranking and reviews on writing workshops and retreats?

Would like an calendar posted that lists contest deadlines and poetry fesitvals?

What are your greatest poetic wishes?

Bippy Boppity Boo! My the world of poetry shine on you!


melissaalle said...

well all easy enough not for some i dont have a printer nor a car i am sick right now bad,i have plenty of poetry over 70 poems to publish small book, most of my poetry is long,comes from the heart and life experiences. i am not looking to become rich,reality, i know i prob wont,i want to see my work published that is my dream, see it sold out there,make some kind of a profit maybe and donate to our troops who dont forget help fight for our freedom.

Poet on Poetry said...

Don't give up, Melissalle. Dreams can sneak up on you when you least expect them. Keep writing. Have you tried looking for a workshop tp improve your skills? I know there are some free ones online.