Summer Poetry Getway-Round Top Texas

Cole Cottage Round Top Texas

You may have noticed that I did not post over the last week.  I confess I took a mini-vacation. My husband and I went to Round Top, TexasWe discovered Round Top during the Festival Institute's Poetry Festival earlier this year. You can see a picture of the Festival's Hall on my website at   

Round Top is an amazing small town of 81 people and a massive and gorgeous world famous European music hall, a restaurant, Royer's Cafe, written about in the New York Times and  is within 30 miles of the only 5 star Relais & Chateaux  Mobile restaurant in Texas, Dos Brisas.  Round Top is also home to a world famous upscale antique festival started by Marburger Farm.  Nearby in Windale, a Shakespeare Festival is put on by the University of Texas. Horse lovers, antique lovers, classical music lovers, poets and artists of all types come to Round Top, where little 1890's German homes have been refurbished to create charming weekend cottages.

In On Writing by Stephen King, he addressed what he thought of workshops for writers.  He said he didn't think much of them, except he did once stay at one in a little cabin where he was left alone to write all day.  Someone would drop his lunch off on the front porch,so he wouldn't be disturbed at all. He thought that was a good workshop.  

I agree with Mr. King.  I think most writers and poets do too.  I couldn't help but think of Mr. King when I saw these little cottages.  If only someone would drop my lunch on the front porch leaving me undisturbed.  Oh, wait, my husband did!

Then we had dinner at the incredible Dos Brisas. OMG!  It was unbelievable. Worth the money if you can afford it, you just won't be able to afford it very often. (and we didn't even have wine pairings)  They also have an inn with luxury casitas that you can stay in.  The owners told us the new casitas have their own pool. I asked the owners what made them think people would come to this phenomenal place in the middle of a 300 acre horse pasture 1 1/2 hours away from Houston and Austin.  They said, their favorite restaurant was a couple hours out of DC and people came to it, so they thought they would come to theirs. They have a 7,000 sq ft greenhouse to continue the growing season, since they try to grow all of their own vegetables.  Even with a greenhouse that has been a challenge during our historic drought this year.

Royer's Cafe
The next day we had lunch as Royer's Cafe, where I had one of the best salads I've ever eaten, though we found their famous pie disappointing. We were warned that the pie was not so good, but we had to try! I think I could move there, especially if someone would just drop my lunch on the front porch and leave me alone to write! 

Love seat and table for writing

Maybe I should move there and start a writing getaway.  I would model my workshop after what Stephen King says is the best kind of workshop.  We would teach nothing.  You just stay in a cabin and someone drops off your lunch.  Sounds perfect to me! How would you like to go back in time to small town Texas and write? I'm taking reservations now! 

The Road Home

Have you found any wonderful hidden places to get away and write? Tell us about your experiences in the comments below.

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