Google+ For Poets

I was slow to warm to Google+.  Like the rest of you, I need another social network like I need a heater in Austin in the summer!  103 in the shade today! I have been reading the articles people post and I just couldn't see the value.  This weekend all of that changed!

Now, I think Google+ has incredible potential for poets.  Let me explain how it works and what is great about it.

Google+ is still in beta, I believe.  That means you still need an invitation to get in.  I will send anyone an invitation that wants one.  Just send me an email and tell me you would like one. Once in, you can begin to populate your Circles with friends,  followers, poets, etc.  The worst part of Google+ is that you have to do this manually with email addresses. You can't just import your Twitter followers or Facebook fans.  I don't even have most of my Followers and Fans email addresses, so it requires each of you seeking me out to be in my circle.

You can choose to put people in whatever circle you want.  One cool feature is you can then send messages and communicate with only one circle or all circles. You can choose who sees what.  You can have a family circle that only sees the pictures of the kids and a poet's circle that sees your poetry, etc. You can only have 5,000 people in each circle.  I think you can have as many circles as you want but I'm not sure about that.

Okay that's cool, but how is it most useful for poet's you ask!  I am so glad you asked!  There is a feature called Hangout where you can have live meetings as long as everyone has a webcam and a microphone on their computer.  Only the people you invite can come and you can control who speaks.  People have to be on Google+ to participate at all and if I am holding the meeting they would have to be in one of my circles.  I could then send them a notice about an upcoming meeting and they could join us live.  They can speak and be seen.

Are you with me yet? How cool is this for a poetry reading worldwide? Poet on Poetry has over 74 countries viewing us and almost 21,000 views. We could have a heck of a Poetry Reading if I can get you guys to migrate over.  If I can have unlimited circles, that means I could have unlimited viewers if they are on Google+ with me.Just read that you can only have 10 people on each viewing so I guess it won't be quite as big as I had hoped! I still plan on hosting poetry readings but it will be limited to 10 people at a time. It would be nice if we could have even 50 or something. Our friends in Egypt, New Zealand, Romania, all over could participate.  I am hoping to host a worldwide Poetry Reading very soon!

My husband and I played with it last night and there are still some bugs, but it's cool.  The biggest drawback right now is the ability to get all of you in my Poetry Reading circle so we can begin!  This is where you come in.  If you are already on Google+ look for Sheree Rabe, not Poet on Poetry, and ask me to put you in my Poetry Circle. If you need an invitation, send me your email and I'll try to get you in.  As soon as we have enough reading poets, we'll schedule our first reading!

Has anyone else come up with creative ways of using Google+?  

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