Ulysses Fan Beaten by Moby Dick Fans at L.A. Library

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Two Melville Fans Arrested After Beating Joyce 
Fan in Los Angeles Public Library

Did you hear tabout the two men in the LA library clutching copies of Moby Dick who began kicking a another man clutching a copy of Ulysses?  The Ulysses lover was so badly hurt that he was taken to the hospital still clutching his book all the way where his broken spectacles and bloody face were tended to.  The other two men were reluctant to drop their copies of Moby Dick when ordered by the police. The police said they almost opened fire on them thinking they were holding weapons.

The police claim the motive was clear-the men got into a loud argument over which writer was better, Herman Melville or James Joyce. A library worker said that the argument began outside with the two Moby Dick fans taunting the Ulysses fan.  The library worker said, “Personally, I think Hemingway licks both of those writers.”

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