How Do You Find Time to Write?

To see where my time is going, I printed out a pie chart the other day.  When I put in everything I need to do in a day,  I needed a bigger pie!  It came to 30 hours a day and that was before starting the blog, working Twitter and beginning the process of rebuilding our house.  And that was cutting my sleep time to less than eight, which I need.

The only time for Twitter, Facebook and blog work is in the wee hours of the morning after I've completed my "work" and life.   (By life I mean eating dinner, taking a bath, and driving.) However, now we spend the nights looking at house plans and cutting and pasting rooms to put together our new home.  The only way to make more time for poetry is to stop sleeping all together, which I often do!

Do any of you have any good suggestions on how to find more hours in a day?  Hopefully, the house design work will end in the next few weeks and I can begin to give that time back to the life I love!  I'd love to hear your ideas on how to find more time in life! How do yall find time to write?

Note:  Notice that I did not put an apostrophe in "Yall" on purpose.  As a 5th generation Texan, let me assure you and the blue blood East Coast grammar experts that "Yall" was never supposed to be short for "You All!"  If we wanted to say "You All" we would have said "You All!" "Yall" is a word all by itself.  It means "All of You!"  It's not sexist, is inclusive and covers everyone.  It never was and never will be a contraction!  This is just one of my many pet peeves on how the rest of the world defines the South, especially Texas.


marissa said...

Love your grit and courage! And love your spirit. Writing time is always hard to find, but remember - so much of the writing is internal (You may be writing inside much motre than you realize!)

Wishing you joy .. and more time:) *Marissa

Poet on Poetry said...

Awww, Marissa! You bring a smile to my face and that's worth whatever time it takes! I didn't know had grit, is it showing, should I get someone to remove it? I thought that was something you ate! ;) What a great point that you can write internal. That's really a cool thought to me.

Thank you for the joy and time! I need it and may it boomerang back on you ten times over! Poet (first name) On (middle name) Poetry (last name) aka Sheree Rabe

Poet on Poetry said...
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Poet on Poetry said...

I'm just a little afraid that I am going to look like a picture of a poet I saw recently whose hair looked like it really had been electrified all over her head. She looked like something out of a movie. I stared at her picture and thought I think I am becoming just like her! I don't know if I want to be a poet THAT bad! No offense but I was born in Dallas and hair matters!