Why are women so under represented in poetry and in business?

I have a few questions for you to answer first, before I can answer that question.

What is the worst thing a boy can be called?

How many times have you heard a boy told to stop acting like a girl, a sissy, a wimp?
When a little girl hears that, what do you think she thinks?
When a little boy hears that, what do you think he thinks?

Sexism is in the language we use, the way we think, the way we breathe. We all grow up believing that little girls are the worst thing on the planet and no matter how many times Mommy and Daddy tell you that you can be anything, do anything, it is all undone by a culture that breeds sexism.  Is it any wonder girls have self esteem issues? No one would consider using the N word, but so many call woman C***T and more. Until, we address the language used to silence women, we will never see equality.

To the guys, I challenge you to think about how you refer to women, all women.  (Even those women from political parties you disagree with.)  Be a part of the solution, take the time to promote women in your world, listen to them.  You don't really want to be sexist, I know you don't.

I'd love to hear your viewpoints on this below.  Come up with some other solutions here.  Let's change the world!

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