Masturbatory Poetry is Only Fun for One

What other art form works so hard to make itself obscure?

Some report that only 6% of Americans read poetry.  Could that be due to the current trend of masturbatory poetry?

Inaccessible poets are good at pleasing themselves and a few MFA types who have the time to spend hours reading a poem over and over to understand that the poet said green, but meant vomit.  I, like most of the world, am too busy to spend that much time deciphering a poem.  It is insulting to the reader to assume that they will invest that time before you have even gained their attention and their hearts and minds with your willingness to come to the reader.

Do we care more about the reader, or the poet?  It is possible to write so that non-MFA's can understand poetry.  Do we care more about style or substance?  It seems like the poetry world is fixated on style over substance.  Readers of poetry, like me, do not like poetry that is full of style but lacking in emotion, heart, something to grab me and get me to slow down in this fast paced world and pay attention to your brilliant insights. 

Please, please, please, give me something I can fall in love with, drool over and remember for the rest of my life.  Poetry without passion is not poetry at all!  Unleash the passion so the poetry can reach me!


sweepyjean said...

Hi, saw you on Twitter chatting with poet Jericho Brown. I agree with you wholeheartedly! For me, the point is to communicate, and metaphor should be tied to meaning. Nice post.

Poet on Poetry said...

Yeah, MY FIRST COMMENT! Thanks for the comment, sweepyjean! I think there is a raging majority of us in the world who feel this way, but most of us don't control the powers of poetry. Maybe we can start a poetry revolution and bring it back to the people! I hope you followed my blog above. I need followers since I just started. Please recommend it! If you have not followed me on Twitter, please do @poetonpoetry. You will always be special to me!

sweepyjean said...

My pleasure! I hope you will follow me back on Twitter @sweepyjean and check out my blog http://sweepyjean.wordpress.com

Poet on Poetry said...

I did!