Burlesque Poetry-Let Us Entertain You

 Burlesque Poetry-Let Us Entertain You

I always write naked. How else can you write really? 

Writing is the process of sanding off the veneer to get to the true self, the bare wood of creativity that stems from somewhere within. Yet, that place within is strangely from somewhere other than ourselves.

It is like being kidnapped by aliens and taken to another planet.  You know you are not one of them and you remember another place, yet you are so far away.  When I write, I’m still me, but I’ve traveled to a place that is no longer familiar where my mind starts a thought but little Buddhas take over.  My mind may want to go one way, but the Buddhas, Gremlins, Fairies, God, whatever that Other is, takes over. The ending is almost always a surprise.

Isn’t the process of writing about taking off our masks, our clothes, our skin, our egos, and even our minds? Maybe that is why so many people begin writing because of some tragic event, often a death, in their lives.  The tragic event blows off all of the parts of ourselves that are not really us.  The ego, the public persona, the ladder climber, the socialite all fall away and what is left is sheer emotion, soul, self and the little Buddhas. 

Sometimes writing gives us permission to explore parts of ourselves we are otherwise afraid to let others see.  We can wear masks while writing, but the best writing tends to let all masks fall away and the Buddhas rise.  The best poetry arises from a voice that is not my own, yet I own it.

Writing poetry is like living in a nudist colony, except good poets tend to tease a little, leaving a little to the imagination. Maybe we should say poetry is more like a burlesque show, the poet, like a stripper flicking a feather boa of a metaphor at you and capturing your attention for just a moment in this swirling twirling world that races by. Like the stripper, the poet exposes herself slowly just trying to entertain you.  We all write naked, even when we have our clothes on and the best strippers tend to be women, don’t you agree?

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libithina said...

I like the way you describe the art of the poet ~ dear poet ~ stripped ~ baring all ~ brilliant ~ Lib @Libithina

Poet on Poetry said...

Thank you for your kind comment, Libithina! I hope you will bare some for us under Your Poetry. :)